God of the sun,
God of prophecy
God of medicine
God of the arts
Parents Father: Zeus

Mother : Leto

Consort None
Brothers Ares , Hephaestus , Hermes & Hercules
Sisters Athena , Aphrodite , Artemis & Persephone
Sons None
Daughters None
Physical Characteristic
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Eyes {{{Eyes}}}
Hair {{{Hair}}}
Species olympian Gods
Main Power {{{Main Power}}}
Weapons None
Home Titan Wing

Apollo is God of the sun, prophecy, medicine, and the arts, one of his attributes being the lyr


Patron god of the Arts, the gift of prophecy and also connected with light (which in Greek also can be translated illumination). He was born on the island Delos by Leto, a Titan's daughter, and Zeus

In The SeriesEdit

Personality and Physical AppearanceEdit

  • Apollo is depicted as easy going man who enjoys playing the lyre and enjoys music espicially Pan's trance music .
  • Apollo is depicted as a pot-bellied man with a goatee , golden blond hair and a bad Italian accent .

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

As a God , Apollo possesses typical abilities shared by the gods such as . Apollo possess abilities associated with his position as the god Music and the sun .

  • Immortality : Like most memebers of his race , Apollo is Truely immortal .this inate ability common to all gods allows Apollo to live forever and to be invulnable to both physical or magical Attacks .
  • Vast Strength : Like Most members of his Race , Apollo possesses a certian level of supernatral physical Stength .
  • Potential to do Magic : Apollo like most members of his Race possesses the inaite ability to performs magic Such as the , changing his appearance , teleporting from one location to another location almost instinly and to Manifesting objects such as weapons .
  • Musical talents  : Apollo seem to be musical talented and has some some musical understanding .
  • Controls over the Sun : Apollo may have Control over light ot the sun
  • Authority : Apollo may have Authority over music and the sun .



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