The Warrior
Character Trait
Main Powers Fighting Ability
Personality brash, macho, somewhat insensitive,
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Species Human
Affiliations Good
Goal To defeat Cronus
Weapons Hephaestus whip
Descendent Achilles
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Archie is "The Warrior," and descendant of Achilles.

In The SeriesEdit

Archie is The fourth teen brought to Olympia High, Archie is 15 years old and the second youngest hero (after Atlanta). He is super agile, almost as fast as Atlanta, and wields a "Hephaestus whip", a seeming cross between a chain whip and a rope dart, which cuts through anything. Hephaestus eventually upgraded it to an "Adamantine Whip", with the ability to hold Gods. Though Achilles did not wear armor over his weak heel (to his cost), Archie wears a distinctive gold brace covering his right shin and part of the foot, as he has a wonky heel (though what is wrong with it exactly hasn't been mentioned yet, the use of a corrective brace suggests a club foot). Dionysus also says that Archie is invincible to disease like Achilles (mostly) was, however Archie at least has scars from 'rubbing a timber wolf's belly'; he has never been sick a day of his life though. In addition to his various physical abilities, Archie is also knowledgeable about Greek mythology from reading a lot of Greek poetry. Archie is initially sceptical about being recruited as a hero and tries to sneak out of Olympia High (when the girls caught him, he told them that he was just patrolling in case of prowlers). He tends to be brash, macho, somewhat insensitive, and has a slight tendency to show off, but also tends to keep to himself and is rather cynical. Archie has also been attracted to Atlanta since they first met, but unfortunately, he does not have the courage to confess his feelings, though he did kiss her on the cheek once in episode 1.13 Little Box of Horrors while she was unconscious after being infected by the Seeper. Atlanta, for her part, is apparently oblivious to Archie's affections and instead, the two of them are always competing to best the other. He eventually openly tells her his feelings; she is initially wary of such a change in their relationship, but later tells him she likes him as well. He has an irrational fear of water and refuses to swim, although Atlanta eventually helps him get past this fear


As Hero , Archie possesses super human Abilities such as invincibility to diesease, Super human agility and advance fighting Skills.


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