The Hunter
Character Trait
Main Powers {{{ Main powers}}}
Personality one-track minded and Short- Tempered
Physical Appearance A 15 year girl who is fit and has Purple Hair
Species Human
Affiliations Good
Goal to Defeat Cronus
Weapons Trap steel bolas and wrist crossbow
Descendent Atalanta
Home The Brownstone
Voice Meghan Black (Season 1)
Sarah Edmondson in Season 2)
Enemies Cronus

Atlanta is The Hunter," and descendant of Atalanta

In The SeriesEdit

Atlanta is the secound hero to be introduced , Atlanta is 15 years old, the youngest of the heroes, and the only chosen one with a female ancestor. After Jay, she was the next person Hermes found (in Canada). She was born and raised in the Northwest Territories and was brought up around weapons and such, which explains her odd passion for dangerous weapons. She is super fast, has exceptional reflexes and tracking abilities. Atlanta uses jaw-trap steel bolas as her weapon of choice, though she gradually tires of using steel bolas as enemies often run off with them or break them and elects to use a small wrist crossbow that shoots laser beams. She often works in tandem with Herry or Archie to take down Cronus' various minions. Atlanta has a bit of a one-track mind, preferring to act rather than think things through, likes to tease Archie (mostly about his fear of water), and is very short tempered. At the same time, she's very studious to the point of being neurotic. She also has an interest in environmental issues and volunteers for the Green Alliance, though she also enjoys hunting with traditional weapons (i.e. bow and arrows) and has a scar on her right shoulder from an incident with a puma. Atlanta has no interest in dating, but she did have a crush on Phil (DJ Panic/Pan) and gradually develops feelings for Archie. It is hinted earlier in the show when she gets jealous if Archie pays attention to other girls. While initially reluctant to change their relationship beyond that of close friends, she decides that she cares for him in the same way he does for her. Atlanta is also a player on Olympia High's field hockey team, along with Theresa.


As Hero , Jay possesses super human Abilities such as super speed , exceptional reflexes and tracking abilities .


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