Bows and Eros is the 18th episode of the series

Episode GuideEdit

  • Psyche made Breakfast in celebration of Eros big day Valentine Day when Cronus giants knocks down the door . They are taken to Cronus lair . Valentine is in air at Olympus high Archie fears rejection from Atlanta while Theresa plans to buy Valentine Ballons for Jay .
  • Cronus plans to use Eros to spread his message of hate to new Olympia .Cronus magical Alter Eros arrow and inflict him with hatred .
  • Herry , Atlanta , Archie and Theresa are playing basketball When they are inflected by Hatred via Eros hate Arrows , they begin to argue
  • . Odie is doing a chemical experiment when he is shot by Eros arrows causing him to getting anfry with the results . Neil is looking at himself in the mirror when he is shot by Eros and he begins to hate himself .
  • Jay who is the only one who is no inflicted with wonders what going , he takes one og arrow that eros left behind to Aphrodite . Aphrodite informs Jay that arrows is oviously tainted with hatred . She tells that she bet that Cronus is holding his wife Psyche on a mountain somewhere .
  • To conteracts the effects of Eros hate Arrows manifest a love posion for jay to give to the other heroes . Jay give the love posion to Neil , Herry and Theresa however Archie and Atlanta continue to fingt amongst themselve .
  • Jay , , Odie and Neil head to Mount Olympia while theresa and Herry search for Eros , However they find out that it is going to be harder then it seem after find that eros can turn invisible .
  • After finding out that eros has failed , Cronus send out two Flying serpant to attack , Jay , Odie and Neil. after seeing jay sword fall to the ground both Archie and Atlanta break out of thier spell and go to help thier friends .
  • Theresa still have no luck in finding Eros , however After Hearing that Psyche is being held captive by Cronus , he head to Mount Olympia .
  • After a long fight The Heroes defeat cronus and Eros and Psyche are reunited and with a kiss love is restore across New Olympia




Episode StillsEdit

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Eye For An Eye
Next Episode:
Road To Hades
Episodes: Season 1 - 2

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