Chaos 101 is the 1st Episode of the series

Episode GuideEdit

  • It's New Years Eve and cronus draw from the cosmic energy of the planet alining and escapes from Tartarus!
  • When Cronus visits the oracle he learns of the Prophecy that seven hero will defeat him . Cronus decide frees the Giants and unleashes the fearsome The Typhoeus in order to stop Jay, Herry and Atlanta from discovering their destiny.
  • Jay then seen Instructing sailng class when he is Attack by one of the Giants Atlanta is Attacked by giants while hunting and herry is attacked while roaming his farm , their are saved by hermes with a fleet of Griffins who were tamed by hermes himself .
  • The trio are taken to new olympia where they are lured into new olympia high by jonitor who is really zeus . In a secret part of the school they are introduce to Hera , Artemis and Hercules.
  • Hera then Explains to the trios that Cronus used to be the king of both gods and mortal . the trio along with 4 others teeen heroes must stop cronus from ruling again .
  • Both Atlanta and Herry are put through trial of test which displays thier abilities . Jay doubts his abilities as an heroes and infoms hera that he can be what the gods want him to be .
  • They are interrupted by Chiron and Hermes who informed them that The Typhoeus has been released . Jay then tell Atlanta and Herry that he leaving however they persued him to stay .
  • The trio are out matched when they confronts Cronus , his Giants and The Typhoeus forcing them to escape .








Episode StillsEdit


  • In this episode, the first three descendants are revealed. Jay, descendant of Jason, is revealed to enjoy gazing at the stars through his telescope,Herry is shown to be living on a farm, .Atlanta on the other hand is revealed to already be hunting, with two boys, presumably her brothers, or stepbrothers,
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