This Episode is 2nd episodef the serie

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  • We first see cronus arrived at a dam with The Typhoeus .
  • Jay and Atlanta are first indroduced to the newest member when they see Archie displaying his fighting ability to ares who then advices him not to let his anger and mistrust rule him .
  • Ares than give him a weapon called the Hephaestus whip a weapon that can cut through anything .
  • Jay and Atlanta then introduce themselves to Archie who still doubt that he is a desendent of achilles. Hera calls jay an Atlanta to theresa and odie.
  • Both Odie and Theresa recap the events that occured to them earlier that day , including hermes saving her . Cronus then causes a blockout in new olympia .
  • Archie returns to the Dorm where he is attack by Theresa ad Atlanta .
  • Ares provide his arsinal of Weapons to aid the heroes , jay picks a gravitational Blande , Theresa picks Nunchucks , Odie perfers the portal computer hermes gave himand Atlanta picks the Jaw-Trap Bolas.
  • The Heroes drive to the dame in herry grandmother truck and confront Cronus and The Typhoeus.
  • Archie derves a plan to electrocute The Typhoeus by using the power cord that powering cronus' laser .
  • The are to late cronus is able With laser cronus shatter a comet made of ice which encircle the Earth .


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