Chaos 103 is the 3rd Episode of the Serie

Episode GuideEdit

  • With Cronus' plans on it way odie comes to the conclusion that the ice ring encirculing the Earth is effecting the Earth's rotation .
  • odie informs the team that the counterclockwise rotation could cause atmospheric disturbance have to potential to cause Earth Quakes , Hurrican and Global Disaster eventually if the suddenly Stops everything will shift due to the conservation of momentum
  • To stop the prophecy from coming true he searches for the 7th Hero . However with no luck Cronus join the search .
  • The Hero go to Hera for advice who redirect them to neil mentor Aphrodite . they hero meet Aphrodite the goddess of love .
  • Because Aphrodite was to busy being a goddess , she did not bother to bring olympus high . She tell the hero to go to the Orcle to find out where he is .
  • The hero find out that neil is right in the city and to thier surprise is model . Cronus find niel first forcing the hero to fight Cronus Giants to prevent cronus from taking Niel .
  • Cronus is able to escape with neil and take him to the top of Building .Unfortunately the destructtion of the Earth is prohressing quicker then odie expected .
  • The Heroes meet up with Aphrodite who informs them that niel is a descendent of Narcissus.
  • Bring Neil to Olympus High after confroting cronus . Neil Meets Aphrodite and informs jay that if nothing is done the earth is going to rip apart within 24 Hours. Odie get an Idea from Neil brillent reflection to use the solar array to reflect the sun energy at the ice ring .
  • Cronus not taking any Chances unsuccesfully confronts the Heroes. In the Last Minute odie is able to to melt the ice and prevent the earth from being distroy .






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