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Chiron is the Master of all beasts and a centaur (part human and part horse). He serves as a "human" encyclopedia of sorts, providing information and tidbits of Greek mythology-related knowledge. Interestingly, in Greek mythology, he ran a school for heroes, including Jason, Achilles, Theseus, and Hercules. He also takes care of the heroes when any of them are hurt in battle


Chiron, by contrast, was intelligent, civilized and kind, but he was not related directly to the other centaurs. He was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine. According to an archaic myth he was sired by Cronus when he had taken the form of a horse and impregnated the nymph Philyra,Chiron's lineage was different from other centaurs, who were born of sun and raincloud, rendered by Greeks of the Classic period as from the union of the king Ixion, consigned to a fiery wheel, and Nephele ("cloud"), which in the Olympian telling Zeus invented to look like Hera. Myths in the Olympian tradition attributed Chiron's uniquely peaceful character and intelligence to teaching by Apollo and Artemis in his younger days.

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