Eye for an Eye is the 17th episode if the Serie

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  • Cronus visits Polyphemus at first he is not welcomed by Polyphemus however they eventually strike a Deal Cronus would retore his eye sight in exchange for revenge against does who blinded him .
  • Jay , Herry and Odie are going for a Jog however before they leave theresa worns odie to be careful because she senses Danger .
  • Cronus takes Polyphemus to an old foundery , Cronus informs him of modern Heroes who are descendent of ancient heroes that polyphemus was knew.
  • On thier jog Jay , herry and odie are attacked by polyphemus Jay and odie are capture and herry goe Olympus high to informs the others , chiron tell them the of Odysseus and how he blinded Polyphemus to escape his island .
  • Herry tell that them that the cyclop that attacked was not missing an eye , the team came to the conclusion that polyphemus must have made a deal with cronus .
  • Jay and Odie are held prisoner at the Warehouse . odie tries to explians to polyphemus that he isn't the real Odysseus a fact that does not bother Polyphemus .
  • The Team finf the Foundery where polyphemus is holding jay and odie captive . theresa tries to worn them that it a trap , however archie ignore them . Polyphemus attack them with his thunderbolt trying to draw them out .
  • Theresa save Archie from a thunderbolt attack . Theresa come up with a way to enter the foundery undetected .
  • Herry , Atlanta and Neil are capture held captive until Archie and Theresa free them . Before leaving Archie throws one Polyphemus thunderbolt at him however odie jump in and block polyphemus.
  • Polyphemus revived him with his electric orb that also serves as a charger for the thunderbolts. But when he refuses to work for cronus t Cronos brought the building down, possibly killing him .





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