Field Of Nightmares is the 11th episode of the sere

Episode GuideEdit

  • After a field hockey game Medelia is apprached by Cronus and given a Dragon Pendant that belonged to her ancestor Medea .
  • The Heroes are the Olympus Courtyard with ares who is giving a lesson in Fighting and capturing a Harpy .THey are a new weapon the Olympian lasso .
  • The Olympus high Field Hockey Team goes against and are defeated by Medelia High team field hockey team .
  • Cronus has order medelia to destroy the heroes , however he want her to seperated them first .her first victim is Jay . when archie and Herry see jay on a date Medelia they begin to become jeleous .
  • When medelia get Jay , archie ,Herry and Archie alone she attack him and send them to a deserted island .
  • Theresa recognize the dragon pendant that medelia is wearing . theresa and Atlanta go to Chiron who tells that the dragon symbol on the pendent is the sign of medea who was a which queen from acient greece.
  • After over Hearing Theresa and Atlanta speaking about her she send them to Her Amazon Warrior where Medelia declare War on them .
  • Jay , Herry , Archie and Odie are trying to figure out a way off the island when odie large Dragons teeth which reminds jay about a battle his ancestor jason won using the the teeth to form an Army. they are then confronted by a Dragon
  • The heroes confront Medelia forcing her command her army of Amazons. Jay throws the Dragon Teeth on the ground and moments later Skeleton creature called Spartans Warriors began to grow .
  • The Spartan Warriors defeat the Amazons and the Heroes defeat Medelia when they remove dragon pendant from her neck .







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Mazed And Confused
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Prisoner Campe
Episodes: Season 1 - 2

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