Giants are the large henchmen of Cronus that are blue, red, green or yellow. Some have the heads of beasts. Cronus can change them to have the characteristics of different animals, or duplicate them. They are very strong, but seem to be of very low intelligence.


  • Agnon
  • Red Giant - Killed by Cronus in "Time Enough for Everything."
  • Welding Mask - Eaten by the Typhoeus in "Chaos 101."
  • Blue Giant -
  • Humanoid Giant - Almost looks like a giant caveman.
  • Two-headed Green Giant -
  • One-headed Green Giant -
  • Yellow Giant - Captured in "Time Enough for Everything."
  • Moustached Giant - Captured in "Prisoner Campe."
  • Polar Bear Giants - Lower torso and upper torso and head.


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