The Gorgons are three famously hideous sisters, who turn people to stone by eye-contact, Their hair, which is composed of snakes, allows them to communicate telepathically with each other. They are also snake-like in appearance, cold-blooded, and seem to have some degree of super-strength.



  • Medusa
  • Stheno
  • Euryale

In The SeriesEdit

Sibling RivalryEdit

When Medusa was awakened and released when her underground lair was cleared by construction workers at the zoo, but she was captured by Neil. Then her sisters, who had been in hiding for thousands of years, kidnapped Neil and demanded for Medusa to be returned to them, though they had no intention of letting Neil go whether the Heroes give them Medusa back or not. The Gorgons began fighting amongst themselves, and Archie and Herry sealed their cave permanently.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


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