The Leader
Character Trait
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Personality Responsible , Driven and Serious
Physical Appearance 16 year old boy who fit with light brown hair
Species Mortal
Affiliations Good
Goal To Defeat Cronus
Weapons Xiphos
Descendent Jason of the Argonauts
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Jay is the "The Leader,"and descendant of Jason of the Argonauts.

In The SeriesEdit

Jay is the first hero to be introduced , Jay is 16 years old and the first of the teens to be located, he has an instinct for leadership and prefers a xiphos with a retractable blade. His parents are under the impression that, far from helping to save the world, he has been shortlisted for a space mission and is at a specialized astronaut training school. (It is unknown if the parents or guardians of the other teenagers were given the same explanation). Jay is of Greek heritage on his mother's side, and thus grew up with the stories of classical mythology. If the other teenagers are confused about a certain mythological concept, he usually explains it to them. He was initially unsure about his leadership role, as the others displayed obvious physical skills to signify and cement their places in the group, whereas Jay's were more subtle. Jay takes his role as a hero extremely seriously, usually being the one who's always worrying about potential threats even when everything seems fine. His sense of responsibility and focused work ethic tends to drive the group mildly insane. Sailing seems to be his favourite hobby. He has very strong feelings for Theresa. In the first episode that she appears, he asks if she can read minds, which implies that he doesn't want her to know he likes her. In the Season 2 finale, Jay and Theresa share a passionate kiss


As Hero , Jay possesses super human Abilities how ever unlike the other hero these ability are more subtle such as , natural instict and leadership ability and advance fighting Skills .


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