Labour Day is the 21st Episode of the Series

Episode GuideEdit

  • Herry is out for a jog when he sees Three beautiful women in the distance , however when a truck drive in front of them they seem to dissappear in mid air . When still confused leave the three beautiful women walk out of the alley and transform into a birdlike creatures .
  • When Hercules has Herry Wrestle Neil , he is defeated when he loses his balance . Hercules disspointed that he lost , offer Herry extra help in Balance and strength without avial . hercules takes Herry into his office where he asked if something wrong ,
  • hercules tell him that he is strongest hero he has every seen and that if he focus and works hard one day he could end up like him .
  • When Herry goes out for a drive , Herry is lured by the same Beautiful women ( The Sirens) he saw before into a room where he encounters Cronus , who traps him in the sands of time and sends him back to ancient Greek where he must do the same lobours that hercules is famous for .
  • The First labours is to defeat the Nemian lion . The others are worried that herry is not answering his PDA. Herry defeats the Nemian Lion .
  • The Second is to defeat the hydra who has five Heads and has the ability to sprout two Head when one of it's head are cut off .
  • The other heroes arrived at the park where they encounter and fight the Sirens . Herry defeats the hydra only for Hercules to be given the credit again .
  • The third Lobour Takes place in the Garden of Hesperides ,The Heroes ecide to use the Siren to lead them to Herry location . Herry fight and Defeat Ladon a lizard-like creature guarding the Garden of the Hesperides
  • Cronus who has grown tired of Herry survive all the Challenges takes him out of the Sand of Time and fight him hiself . The Heroes arrive and over power but he escape .
  • Herry goes back to Olympus High and tell hercules that he impressed with the things he has done. before he leaves herry leave one of Golden on a Table hercules office , Hercules grabs the Apple and proclaims that he very proud of him .







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Many Happy Returns
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They Might Be G.i. Ants
Episodes: Season 1 - 2

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