Mazed and Confused is the 10th episode of series

Episode GuideEdit

  • There is a mysterious Monster roams the underground tunnels and kidnaps a tourist
  • During thier workout at Olympus High , Herry brings up a tabloid rumor about a mysterious monster terrorizing a tunnel tour and Odie says that two tourist have gone missing that week .
  • Not taking any chances Jay along with Theresa go and investiagte the tunnels where these suppose kidnapping have occured.During the tunnel tour Jay and Theresa Take an Alternative route and find a video camera .
  • When trying to retreive the camera Theresa encounters the Mysterious monster and is only able to escape in the minute .
  • Back at Olympus High see a shadow of a horned creature in Video tap Chiron expains that only Minotaur can cast a shadow like that and was a beast that was half man and half bull who has a Appetite for greek people .
  • Persephone tells the team that the minotaur was killed by theseus Theresa ancestor .She warns them that strength can be a weakness .
  • The Heroes then go to tunnel and enter without Odie who is claustrophobic but will track them from above enter the tunnel and soon split to cover more ground .
  • Atlantic encounter the minotaur , soon the whole team goes off odie grid . jay Herry , Archie , Theresa , and Neil find the two missing tourist a sciebtist who informs that cronus who hired him to engineer superior bredd of cattle using prehistoric DNA unknowingly the minotaur DNA .
  • An Army of Minotaur Start chasing the heroes , they aretrapped when they fall in a deep hole inthe ground . there is no hope until odie chisels through the wall .who is using a virtual reality helmet to couteract his claustrophobic
  • Now free they fight the Minotaurs . the minotaur are defeated and traped when the building over the tunnels collapse . in the last minute Atlanta arrive safe and sound .






Episode StillsEdit

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Sibling Rivalry
Next Episode:
Field Of Nightmares
Episodes: Season 1 - 2

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