Men's Worst Enemy is the 4th episode of the series

Episode GuideEdit

  • Thersea is in apollo living quarters and seen playing the apollo's lyre .Apollo praises Theresa's playing Ability ., but is insulted when the lyre is called lam e and rufuses to let others know she plays .
  • Jay , Herry , Odie and Neil are at the the Dog pound , where they notice all dogs acting wierd .They tag Herry grandmother dog Pepe and track him in hope it lead them to cause ,
  • They are eventualy confronted by Cerberus who is the three headed dog that guards the underworld
  • The Hero go to Chiron for help , he informs them that only Cake and music can control Cerberus with from the lyre being the most effective .
  • Theresa emits that she play the lyre , then Chiron informs them they would need opherus lyre which is enchanted . they hero would have to go to the Elysian Fields togey orpheus lyre . jay , Theresa and Archie go to persephone to help them gai entrance to the underworld , Persephone told that she will not take the them to the underworld because it not a place for mortals enter .
  • Odie , Atlanta , Herry and neil are out trying to capture cerberus , however cerberus is able to escape
  • Theresa comes to the assumation that there must be a safe entrance to the underworld in the School., the Entrance is through the picture of the Seasons in Persephone's solarium .
  • Jay , Theresa and Jay follow Persephone , Theresa find the grove that Persephone planted where they find a bag of gold coins which they use to pay Charon to sail them across the river into Hades .
  • Unfortunately they meet Cronus at hades' Gate , where Cronus blackmail theresa to bring him the lyre in extange for not hurting jay anf Archie .
  • Theresa reaches the Elysian Fields where she meet orpheus who give her his lyre .Theresa return to the Gate of Hades , where jay and archie fight Cronus , they escape the underworld and theresa tames cerberus with her lyre playing . Hades appears to take Cerberus back to the underworld








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