The Brian
Character Trait
Main Powers {{{ Main powers}}}
Personality Cleaver
Physical Appearance {{{Physical Appearance}}}
Species Human
Affiliations Good
Goal {{{Goal}}}
Weapons PMR
Descendent Odysseus
Home The Brownstone
Voice Doron Bell Jr
Enemies Cronus

Odie is The Brains and descendant of Odysseus.

In The SeriesEdit

Odie is introduced with Theresa as the fifth and sixth teens discovered respectively. He is usually seen as the youngest of the group as he is physically smaller than the other heroes but, in fact, he is one of the oldest heroes at 16 years of age. He has super intelligence, cleverness and extremely advanced skills with all types of electronics. He is also the group's tactician and the first to come up with a plan. He has no official weapon, but usually uses a PMR and an amazingly well-equipped laptop given to him by Hermes. Because of his physical size, Cronus usually mocks Odie by referring to him as "the little one". Since he lacks the more notable of physical capabilities of his ancestor and that of his friends, Odie is often underestimated. Transportation-wise, he gets around on a moped. Unlike the other six teenagers, who seem to be Caucasian, Odie is of African descent and bears only slight physical resemblance to his ancestor (something that characters tend to take note of; Odie himself remarks in episode 1.17: Eye for an Eye that Odysseus' "bloodline is rather diluted" in him). He wears green-tinted glasses, likes virtual reality video games, is apparently skilled enough at it to fly a special jet plane he has never flown before, and suffers from claustrophobia.


As Hero , Jay possesses super human Abilities such as super intelligence, cleverness and extremely advanced skills with all types of electronics.


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