Queen of the Underworld
Goddess of Spring
Goddess of Plants
Goddess of Flowers
Parents Zeus(Father) and Demeter(Mother)
Consort Hades
Brothers Ares , Apollo , Hephaestus ,Dionysus and Hercules
Sisters AthenaAphrodite and Artemis
Sons None
Daughters None
Physical Characteristic
Height {{{Height}}}
Eyes {{{Eyes}}}
Hair {{{Hair}}}
Species Olympian Gods
Main Power {{{Main Power}}}
Weapons None
Home Titan Wing

Persephone is Goddess of Spring and queen of the underworld


In Greek mythology, Persephone ] is the daughter of Zeus and the harvest goddess Demeter, and queen of the underworld; she was abducted by Hades the king of the underworld

In the SeriesEdit

Personality and TraitsEdit

Physical AppearanceEdit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • The Standard Powers of an Olympian God
  • Persephone is Profient in Supernatural Magic
  • Limited ability to conjure electrical Discharge when she angry ,
  • She is also has the ablity to control a plant's growth .



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