Sibling Rivalry is the 9th episode of the serie

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  • During Construction at a Zoo , Madusa is release from her prison underground .
  • Neil is at model session at the zoo when Neil encounters medusa Neil runs and fontunatly is able to trap her when he accidently make the petrified bear falls on medusa .
  • They take medusa to underground compound location under olympus high . Chiron explains that medusa is one most fearsome creature of the acient world and tell neil that he luck out .
  • When Theresa expressed worry about having medusa in the compound Hera explian the compound protected by an advance security system that only she has access to and will find a more suitable home for madusa .
  • Chiron expresses his concern that medusa will be able to communicate with other Gorgons via her snakes.
  • Euryale is informed by one of her snake that madusa has resurfaced and has been captured . they decide to come out of hinding after the past few thousand years and show the modern world what it is like to stare into the face of evil . they decide that there first victim is going to be neil .
  • To teach Neil a Lesson , Jay and the rest of the team make up a lay about a giant creature at the park . when neil goes to the park a satyr scare him moment that same satyr into stone .
  • The others rush to the park they find the satyr petrified and neil missing and a letter from the Gorgon sisters asking the heroes to return medusa to them .
  • To get to medusa they must bypass the compound ' s security system . Odie Come up with a plan combinig the team's limited security access , and the proper equipment .
  • The team is successful get in and Atlanta is able to find the grogon hindout and they other break Medusa out of the compound and bring to her Sisters . they call medusa weak and pathetic for being capture
  • Jay , Atlanta and archie and Theresa fight the Gorgons. when medusa is released by Stheno they begin to fight . with them being destrated they heroes escape and trap them in thier lair .





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