The Antikythera Device is the 7th episode of the series

Episode GuideEdit

  • Some divers unearth a black and golden cube in the atlantic ocean .
  • Hephaestus helps Jay , Herry and odie build trap that is strong enough to contain Cronus,the only thing missing is a bait . Jay think that an Astrolabe might work as the Perfect Bait
  • Jay goes to Hera for answers to the Astrolabe who tells him that the Astrolabe is the key to the worlds destruction.
  • Hera tell him that she can not allow the astrolabe to leave the protection of gods. When Hera give premission to use the Astrolabe The entire disguse themselves and go to the museum
  • Cronus walks in however , he has made hallucinations of himself and is Successful in Stealing the device .
  • Jay goes to Atlas and asks him questions. He tells Jay that the Atrolabe part of the huge machine Called Antikythera Device located in the lost city of Atlantis
  • Odie, Theresa and Jay search endlessly for Atlantis's whereabouts in the library with no results. Finally Odie finds some coordinates on a picture of the Antikythera Device.Atlas reasurs that the location is correct
  • The Group head to Atlantis however to thier surprise Cronuse is also there and puts the Astrolabe into a fitted lock which light a path right to the Antikythera Device.cronus then create a Giants eel with his blood , who begins to attack the submarine
  • They evetually reacg a tunnel jay along with Theresa swim in and reach the Antikythera Device , however unfotunately so does Cronus , Jay Attacks Cronus while Thersa put the bomb in the lock of Antikythera device

  • Jay battles Cronus as Theresa attempts to replace the bomb. The others show up, Theresa manages to get the bomb into the machine. Cronus is engulfed by his own eel and the bomb goes off destroying the machine and the Antikythera Device.and the hero escape to safely .





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See You at the Crossroads
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