The Brownstone
The Hero's Dormitory
Character Trait
Resident Athena(Head of Dorm)Jay,Atlanta,Herry,Archie ,Theresa,Odie and Neil
Physical Appearance Brick , Three floor
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The Brownstone - The building complex which serves as a dormitory for the heroes.

In the SeriesEdit

The building is protected from Cronus and his minions, though not from other threats like Campe, the jailer of Tartarus. Each of the seven heroes has their own separate room fitted in a way that matches their personalities.



Living RoomEdit

Athena's ArmoryEdit

Jay's roomEdit

  • Jay's rooms has a Sailing theme and makes references to the Golden Fleece retrieved by his ancestor.

Atlanta's roomEdit

  • Atlanta's room expresses her interest in sports and the environment

Herry's roomEdit

  • Herry's roomis centred around his interest in bodybuilding

Archie's roomEdit

  • Archie room has a Japanese theme , fitting in with his love Poetry

Theresa's roomEdit

  • Theresa roomshows her spiritual interests.

Odie's roomEdit

  • Odie's room in the basement is filled with technological components and his computers

Neil's roomEdit

  • Neil's room given his self-absorbed nature, contains many mirrors and things related to his modelling career.


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