The Typhoeus
Chaos 102-1
Character Trait
Main Powers Pyrokinesis
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Physical Appearance {{{Physical Appearance}}}
Species Monster
Weapons None
Home Unknown
Voice None

The Typhoeus is a giant flying creature.


Typhon (ancient Greek: Τυφῶν, Tuphōn), also Typhoeus (Τυφωεύς, Tuphōeus), Typhaon (Τυφάων, Tuphaōn) or Typhos (Τυφώς, Tuphōs) is the final son of Gaia, fathered by Tartarus, and is the most deadly monster of Greek mythology. Typhon was known as the "Father of all monsters"; his wife Echidna was likewise the "Mother of All Monsters."

In the SeriesEdit

It has the gead and upper body resembling that of the humanoid lion, has large bat-like wings, and has two giant snakes in lieu of legs, all of whom breathe fire. It is also the father of many of mythology's monsters with it's mate Echidna. Zeus defeated him by throwing lightning bolts and dropping a mountain on him. Typhoeus was later released by Cronus from its prison under Mount Etna. Archie and Atlanta defeated him by shocking him with the power cord charging Cronus's laser beam and plunged into the water.

Power AbilitiesEdit

As an Mythical creature , The Typhoeus possess immense strength and Pyrokinesis


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