Titan Wing
Titans wing lobby
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The Titan Wing is the secreat part of Olympus High school It can assumed that the Titan Wing Exist in another Dimension or Realm , Giving the size of Olympus High anf size of the Titans Wing itself .

Notable LocationEdit

Titan Wing FoyerEdit

  • This seem to be the central part of the Titan Wing most if not all room seem to connect to this room .

Zeus' Storm ChamberEdit

  • This Zeus Throne room

Hera's AviaryEdit

Hera's LoungeEdit

  • This is Hera Private Study

Hepheastus WorkshopEdit

  • This is where Hephaestus built most of the Weapons and devices,

Aphrodite RoomEdit

  • This is Aphrodite Private Dwelling

Apollo StudyEdit

Hermes Communication RoomEdit




  • This the Olympian Gods , Private Garden and is the Sorce of all Thier food .


Atlas RoomEdit



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